Commitment Sunday

As we approach the mid-point of our two-year Cannonball journey, we’re so grateful to God for what He continues to do in and through Community and each of us individually. I believe that we are experiencing a huge wave of the movement of God’s Spirit that’s been flowing through our church for the past several years. And I believe it’s through our obedience to God that we will continue to make even larger waves, influencing others for eternity!

Over the past three weeks in our Making Waves series, we’ve been revisiting last year’s Cannonball series. We’ve looked at famous wave-makers from the Bible – Noah, Abraham, Abel, Moses, Joshua, and Caleb – and we will hopefully be inspired to be modern-day wave-makers individually and as a church.

We will conclude our Making Waves series this Sunday, November 17. As a part of this day, we will all be making our commitments for the final year of Cannonball. Watch this video from Pastor Scott’s message last Sunday in which he talks about the Commitment Card and this time of commitment:

We’re inviting those of you who are NEW to Community to join us on the journey, this generosity initiative called Cannonball and make a ONE YEAR financial commitment. We don’t want you to miss out!

For those of you who were part of Cannonball last year, we are asking you to pray about committing to either FINISH STRONG or to INCREASE your commitment for this final year.

I want to ask everyone to do three things this week: Pray – Listen – Obey:

  • Pray to God as you seek His will. Pray that God helps guide you to the commitment amount that will represent a true Cannonball with your finances.
  • Listen to God as He leads you.
  • Obey God as He directs you.

This Sunday, November 17 is going to be an exciting day for our church family! Can’t wait to see what God is going to do IN and THROUGH our church family over the remaining months in the Cannonball journey and beyond as a result of the sacrifices we will collectively be making!!

Jump In! Make Waves!