Construction Updates

July 23, 2020

Here are the latest aerial pics of our new NextGen Building under construction.  So EXCITING to see the progress being made!!  #CommunityCannonball


May, 21, 2020

Photos from the inside of our Kids and Students building. Things are moving along quite quickly!



March, 23, 2020

Here are the latest aerial shots of our new building!! We are so thankful to you all for the generosity you’ve shown making this a reality. Way to go CCC!



March 3, 2020

The 1st Wall is up! To God be the glory! Keep the construction staff in your prayers as they continue to raise the additional walls.



February 21, 2020

The 300-ton crane was delivered and plans are being made to begin tilting up the wall panels the first week of March.



January 29, 2020


Today is exciting as the foundation and floors of the new building are being poured. They’re making good progress, close to 25% done on larger of the two slabs
#CommunityCannonball #allin

January 21, 2020


Today the contractor poured concrete for the first set of walls for the building and the elevator pit.  Once these walls have dried, forms will be created on top of the first layer of walls for the second layer of walls.


January 2, 2020


Photos from today and the pouring of the foundation of our new building! #CommunityCannonball




December 20, 2019


This week some of the concrete curbs were poured in our expanded parking lot. The framing has been done for the walls on the first casting bed and today they are pouring the second casting bed to the north of the expanded parking lot.


December 11, 2019


The first layer of asphalt was put down on our new expanded parking lot last week.  More work will be happening in the parking lot in the coming days.  Today concrete for the first “casting bed” was poured!  The casting beds are super-smooth concrete surfaces upon which the concrete walls of our new building will be formed and poured.  Hopefully later this week or early next week the concrete “footers” will be poured, creating the foundation for the new building.



November 25, 2019

The forms for the footers, the concrete foundation upon which the walls will sit, are nearly complete.  The plan is to pour concrete for the footers after Thanksgiving.  At the same time, they will likely pour the first “casting bed” – this is a large smooth concrete surface upon which the tilt-wall panels that form the walls of the new building will be formed.  We expect the first layer of asphalt will be put down on the expanded parking lot sometime this week.




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