Wave of Outreach

Wave of Outreach  – $1 Million


Your Cannonball contributions are already starting to make waves in other parts of Florida:


A $50,000 special gift from Community was delivered by Pastor Scott to Greg Ingram, the Pastor of Miami Church, a church we have been supporting since their launch.

We committed $100,000 over the next 3 years to help launch Connection Point Church, a new church plant in Pensacola, Florida! Connection Point held their first service on Sunday, April 7.


In early August, a group of 24 from Community took our first-ever mission trip to work with Pastor Jose Rodriguez and Lifeline Christian Mission in their efforts to plant a church in Panama City, Panama. Pastor Jose is a very effective evangelist and church planter who over the past 14 years in El Salvador planted 11 churches and 72 house churches and saw 2,000 people accept Christ and be baptized!!

Pastor Jose has moved back to his home country to plant a church that will become a significant church in Panama City. Our team was able to help Pastor Jose run a Kids Camp for 500 kids from a local school and the community where the church will be planted. Pastor Jose now has hundreds of contacts that will become the core of the new church. Your Cannonball generosity allowed us to make a financial commitment of $100,000 to this church plant between now and the end of 2020 so we can start making huge waves in the country of Panama.


We recently started an exciting new partnership with Team Expansion, whose missionaries are baptizing thousands of people in areas around the world in which the name Jesus is not yet known.  This includes supporting missionaries in the West African nation of Ghana, in China and Myanmar, and Cuba.